10 MUST Try LIFE & BEAUTY Hacks – College & School Girls | Anaysa
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10 MUST Try LIFE & BEAUTY Hacks – College & School Girls | Anaysa

our college will reopen soon college a very crucial part of our life As we have to travel during college days either you travel by a metros, bus or Auto and you suffered a lot also have to face so many problems and we didn’t prepare for that so today I’ll be sharing a video which will help you a lot in preparing yourself to face all these problems and you’ll be able to find their solution fast So lets get started Girls In our college days we often carry cash in our pocket and when we step out or suddenly got a phone call so we take out the phone to attend the call our cash gets fall down & even we didn’t realise it at all so you need to fix this type of pouch in your pocket with a safety pin so whenever you take out your mobile and your money doesn’t get fall from your pocket most of you girls face this like they were so much busy in gossiping with their friends that even didn’t realise that someone is stealing her purse these incidents are mostly occurred in college life so to save from this you need to carry your metro card or money at the back of your phone cover so at least you can reach your home without any hastle as we don’t have so much of clothes during our college days and we often searching something new in our elder sister’s wardrobe but as sometimes the size of her outfits doesn’t get fit on us and doesn’t suits on us so you can take your white or black shirt and style this way or also you can style this using a belt as i am doing here I can’t repeat the same top frequently so I always experiment with my clothes so here I carry a crop top over this top and my new top is ready without any kind of stitching also we sometimes face a most embarrassing moment like got you periods suddenly and you are not ready to for this and we get worry now what to do no need to worry you always carry a panty and two sanitary pads in a pouch so to save yourself if you face these kind of moments in your life sometimes we keep stuffs so carelessly in our bag and sometimes we our hands get messed up so you need to keep your makeup in a separate pouch and your stationary in another pouch so that they didn’t get messed up and don’t have to face such situation again sometimes got a stain on our T-shirt like this or if your T-shirt is too loose so make a knot like this so as to hide that minor problems and at the same time you look stylish too sometimes we forgot to carry belts so that our trousers looks so loose and if you feel like uncomfortable so you need to do a DIY so for that you can use your scarf as a belt insert in your belt loops like this you can tight it as you need to keep so I make two knots here and then making a cute bow so my belts look like part of my trousers girls I think most of you have faced to this situation like your footwear got damaged suddenly so no need to worry at all always carry feviquick with you always so as to sort out with this problelm if you don’t like to carry more makeup products in college so you can do your makeup with a single lipstick you can use the same lipstick as eyeshadow or blush and no one won’t be able to know that you do your makeup using only a single lipstick so you can see how amazing are these hacks hope you have liked them all if so then do like and share this video also press that red subscribe button to subscribe our channel Anaysa and be a part of our Anaysa family so will see you in my next video till then

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