10 DIY School Supplies Using Everyday Objects! Back To School 2017
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10 DIY School Supplies Using Everyday Objects! Back To School 2017

*Music playing* Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie! Welcome back, and unicorn hug! Wengie: Today, we’re making some really cool school supplies, out of just every day objects, you can find around your house! Wengie: If you guys like back to school videos, I reckon we should do a challenge! Wengie: I give you guys 3 seconds to go, click the like button, and also turn on the notification bell! Wengie: 1,2,3; have you guys done it? Wengie: And also if you guys want to enter the current Mac Book Air giveaway, all you need to do is join this wonderful family! Wengie: Welcome! Wengie: I love you guys so much! And the only thing you guys need to is join my second channel :ReactiCorns, which is also linked down below! A bunch of new content just dropped on my app, it includes a bunch of DIYs, and as well a style challenge with Safiya Nygaard, which was super fun! Wengie: You get new vlog stickers, and access to giveaways as well! Wengie: Don’t forget to download my app, which is linked down below, and get an all-access pass to watch the exclusive content! Wengie: And without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wengie: You can make your own rainbow- colored pencils with some colored pencil leads, glue and colored tissue paper! Wengie: First, measure out the length of your pencil lead, and cut out six pieces of tissue paper to match this length! Wengie: It’s best to use different colors for this, so I picked as close to rainbow as I could! Wengie: You’ll also need a single piece of plain paper to the same size, as well! Wengie: Next, mix one part of water to two parts of Elmer’s glue, and mix well, and this basically changes to mod podge! Wengie: Awesome hack! Wengie: I didn’t know that either! Wengie: Now, use a brush to brush all this glue all over your first piece of tissue paper, and carefully wrap the paper around the pencil lead, by rolling the lead over, and it should stick! Wengie: Repeat this five times with each piece of tissue paper! Wengie: This might get a little messy because the tissue paper color runs when it’s wet, but it shouldn’t affect the final DIY! Wengie: Finally, after the last piece of tissue paper, wrap the piece of plain paper on the pencil, and allow it to dry over – night! Wengie: Then, you’ll have something like this, which you can then sharpen, using a regular sharpener! Wengie: Look how the shavings come out rainbow, it looks so amazing, and I can’t believe it actually worked! Wengie: So I’ll definitely be making my own colored pencils in the future! *Music playing* Wengie: If you love DIYS like I do, you’ll might have loads of loose rolls of washy tape, and it’s just so hard to keep them organized, but a common house-hold item you can use to help you with this is actually a cling wrap box! Wengie: The cling wrap cylinder is actually the perfect size for your washy tape to fit over, and then you can pop all your washy tape inside the cling wrap box, and push the tabs in, to allow them to rotate! Wengie: You can even use the serrated edge to cut a fix of your washy tape,so it’s kind of genius, really! Wengie: And typically for me, I decided to spray-paint my box pink, to hide the original design to end up with something like this! Wengie: Super practical and useful for me! You’re welcome! *Music playing* Wengie: You can easily customize a plain notebook with a Sharpie, and a shape cut-out! Wengie: In my case, I used a cute heart cut-out, and then some double-sized tape, to stick it in the center of my book cover! Wengie: Then, with a golden Sharpie, I just did a whole bunch of dots on my book! Wengie: I started with the dots super close together around the heart outline, and then spread them out further, and further, as I moved away from the heart! Wengie: When you remove your cut-out, you end up with something like this, this is so simple to do, but looks amazing, and you can experiment with multiple colors, and different designs! *Music playing* Wengie: It’s important to have a tidy desk, so I’ll be making a DIY desk organizer, inspired by the golden anthropology organizer, where now, this one actually costs $50, but I’m going to make something hopefully similar, that won’t cost you much at all! Wengie : Basically, you just need to find some empty bottles or cans or tins around the house of various size, then I just placed them inside a cardboard box lid in a way that I thought looked kind of nice! Wengie: When I was happy with the position, I hot-glued all the jars down, and it was as simple as that! Wengie: Of course to match the golden anthropology organizer, I sprayed mine with some gold spray paint, and this is what I ended up with! Wengie: I wanted mine to be a little bit more practical, so I made two rows, so I could hold more things inside, and honestly, guys, I love this, it looks so amazing, and only cost a fraction of the store-bought one! *Music playing* Wengie: I’ve so many used bottles of Elmer’s glue, lying around, for some reason! *Camera clicks on video* * Camera click* Wengie: So I thought I’d turn them into something useful! Wengie: Just take two empty bottles of Elmer’s glue, and wash them out well! Wengie: Next, use an Exacto knife to cut away the tops of each bottle, only leaving the straight part! Wengie: Let’s make any kind of craft zipper, and roughly measure out the length, so that it goes around the bottle for circumference! Wengie: Then, use some hot glue to glue on one side of the zipper to a bottle, and trim off the excess, and zip the zipper, but not completely, and then stick the other half to the other bottle with hot glue as well, so that they both line up! Wengie: You should be able to use the zipper, pretty easily,and you’re pretty much done with your DIY pencil case! Wengie: You can do this with any plastic bottle really, but I just thought Elmer’s glue was much more unique! *Music playing* Wengie: Did you know you can actually make notebooks out of cereal boxes? Yep, I had no idea, either! Wengie: Just take a used cereal box, and cut out one side of the cardboard, trim the edges, then cut it in half by marking it out with a fold – you’ll basically be able to make two books with each side of the box! Wengie: This next step is optional, but I wanted to cover the cereal packaging with some duct tape, so I used a patterned tape! Wengie: But if you like looking at pictures of your cereal, you don’t have to do this step! Wengie: Now, take some A4 paper, and cut it slightly smaller than the size of the cardboard! Wengie: Mark out the half-way point of you cover, and your pages, and use a hole punch to punch two holes to help bind the book together! *Music playing* Wengie: Now, take a piece of yarn, and thread it through both holes, and secure it with a knot, finally I used a bit of washy tape to hide and decorate the spine, and also drew a W on the cover! Wengie: Pretty cool, considering, it was previously a cereal box! Wengie: You can also use some patent box wrap on the cereal box like I did on the other book, which I thought looked super pretty as well! Wengie: And who doesn’t love a little bit of glitter? *Music playing* Wengie: You can personalize your pencil, with a pipe cleaner! In my case, I love unicorns, so I made a cute, little unicorn creature, by wrapping the pipe cleaner up a few times, and then creating a nose like this! *Music playing* Wengie: Then, just stick on a few googly eyes, this is what you get! Wengie: Also the eraser casing looks like an unicorn horn, when it’s swished together, so that was perfect, you just need to remove the eraser first, you can leave it here or add a body, it’s completely up to you! Wengie: I think you can never be too old for these super cute unicorn pencils! I’m secretly in love with them! *Music playing* Wengie: If you own a pencil sharpener, that drops its shavings everywhere, you might get frustrated like me at the mess! Wengie: But you can actually create your own shavings container, using a M&M container or anything similar! Wengie: First, take a hot glue gun, and melt a hole into the lid of the container, big enough to fit a pencil! Wengie: Next, stick the sharpener underneath the hot glue, and wait until it’s set! Wengie: Now, you’ll be able to sharpen your pencils, without making a mess, and it looks super cute as well! *Music playing* Wengie: I think everyone has this zip-lock bags, lying around their home, most likely, duct tape as well! Wengie: With these two things, you can actually make a pencil case! Wengie: Basically, just fold your zip-lock bag to whatever size you want your pencil case to be, and then tape it to keep this in shape! Wengie: Next, just cover the entire zip-lock bag with duct tape, and that’s literally it! Wengie: In terms of quality, it might not be sturdy as other pencil cases, but that doesn’t even matter, because you can just get a few different patterns of duct tape, and make a new pencil case every week, another great thing about this is it’s completely water-proof! *Music playing* Wengie: Some regular pencils can look so boring, so you can easily DIY your own personalized pencils with some acrylic paint, and Sharpies! Wengie: Simply paint over the pencil with two coats of acrylic paint, and wait for it to dry! *Music playing* Wengie: Next, write something on the side of the pencil with a Sharpie, it doesn’t have to be your name necessarily, you can try different designs, and I found that writing with a black Sharpie, and then a gold on top created a kind of shadow effect, which I thought looked really cool! Wengie: So that’s it! No more excuses for boring lead pencils! *Music playing* Wengie: So guys, which one of these DIYs you guys liked the most? Wengie: And are you guy actually going to do them, because lot of you guys say you watch these videos, but you never do the DIYs! If you guys do, don’t forget to hashtag me on #wengiecorns because I love seeing your creations! Don’t forget to download my app to watch the new content , as join me on live streams! Wengie: I’ll be live-streaming some YouTube videos, and there’s a whole bunch of giveaways, merch and stickers for you guys to check out! Wengie: So grab your all-access pass, the link is down below! Wengie: That’s it for this week, and I’ll see you guys next week, I’m going to miss you so much, but I’ll see you guys on ReactiCorns and on social medias, so don’t forget to follow me there, and until next week, I’ll be back with another video, bye, guys, love you!

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