10 Different Types Of Music Teachers
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10 Different Types Of Music Teachers

*Music* I told you, it’s two beats. *demonstrates* What’s wrong with you? Just focus. *in tempo violin playing* *sigh* The phrase goes towards the end of the bar. Come on. I told you already five times. *violin playing* First note, check with the open D. *listening to tuning* It’s not in tune. Use your ears, do you have ears? *violin playing* Where’s your focus? *violin playing* What are you looking at? *violin playing* What is that? There’s nothing to do with Sibelius. *tsk* *violin playing* The note you just played just then… what does it mean? Um… It’s a G. Subdominant? Yeah. Well imagine Sibelius. The G could be an interpretation of his life, you know, when it’s cold and his pain but no one really knows what’s going on, you know music is like an internal thing but that’s all external influences. There’s no words to describe what Sibelius’ going through. And a lot of the time you have to just really understand what he wanted and… Whatever is written on the music can tell you everything you know… You have to push through discomfort and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Got it? *knock knock* Teacher: Come in. *tuning violin* Teacher: Just warm up, I’ll be there with you soon. *violin playing* *violin playing* Sorry it took a while, the tea took a while to brew. Anyway, it sounded good. Do you want to start from the beginning again? *violin playing* Do you have anything else? *violin playing* Brilliant. Do you have anything else? Oh give me a second, let me just refill my tea. Go on, you can play. *out of tune violin playing* Good! that’s really really good! Um… Is there anything I can work on? Uh… No, not really, it’s fine, I mean just a bit more practicing to be perfectly fine, no worries. Take it easy, don’t work yourself too hard. I don’t know, I just feel…… Maybe I don’t sound… …that great. Stop looking so sad, just be happy. Be positive! Music is about sharing the love! *plays scales* When you start that note you just have to catch the bow! The starts from the fingers, you gotta *demonstrates* like *demonstrates* Everything has to have an articulation like *demonstrates* *articulated scales* No no, catch the bow! Like I said, catch! Catch! *articulated violin playing* What type of catch do you think this is? The “puh” or the “kuh”. It’s not a “poh”. No no no no, the movement is from the fingers. Catch, and release! Uh, by the way, how do you do good ricochet – You catch the bow! *ricochet playing* Do you have any exercises for vibrato? You catch the bow! *violin playing* No. Starting your first note is like a plane landing. You have to be a good pilot because if it’s bad land you can feel the bumps. Landing has be controlled and smooth, like… ..like this. *violin playing* Sometimes too much vibrato is like icing on the cake, this is too sweet. You don’t want to do too much. Cake is already sweet. Okay… Analogies. *plays note* Stop there. The first bounce is not even. *violin playing* The… The A is not really in tune with the D string. *tries again* Yeah yeah, the shoulders might need to drop a bit. Your nose can be a bit higher. *tries again* The string crossing was a bit excessive. *tries again* Feel the weight and this fourth finger, it creates the sound. You pull the string in. Push the string from there. *tries again* There was five oscillations in that vibrato. Should be six. *corrected violin playing* Okay, let’s move on to the third bar. *out of tune violin playing* I’m a singer and this school can’t find a violin teacher, but I think you should breathe. It’ll definitely help your intonation. *phone vibrates* Sorry one second. Hello? Yes, sorry darling. Can I call you later? Just because I’m teaching right now. No, no, I’m not teaching… I’m not… No not a singer, I’m teaching a violin student. Yeah, I don’t know, this… for my certificate diploma. They put me here to get experience teaching string instruments. That’s just how it works. Okay. Talk to you soon. Okay, so have you practiced your breathing for intonation? *violin playing* Kid, back in my days we used to warm up with three octave scales. And every time we need to play one hour of scales, two hours of studies, one hour of concerto, one hour of Bach, and two hours of chamber music, and three hours of orchestra. It’s all about twelve a days you know. Today you guys just have too many distractions. Your phone, what’s it called, social media? And uh, what’s the thing in social media? Uh, me-mes? You need to learn how to appreciate music, and look deeper into it. *violin playing* Stop. What’s the dynamic? Don’t look! *tsk* What is the marking? What is the expression marking here? Uh… Fortissimo… Andante? Here, let me write it down for you.

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100 thoughts on “10 Different Types Of Music Teachers

  1. The fourth one was my old teacher but she actually helped me from anxiety attacks, and when I left her, I had extreme depression.

  2. my teacher is one that’s super nice and acts like im doing great even though i can tell that she’s dying inside at my crappy playing

  3. The first one😂 i was waiting for YoU HaVe No EaRs, YoU HaVe No EyEs but then i remembered that you guys posted that video later😂

  4. In school I had the first one as a teacher. She basically hated everyone who didn't play the violin already. And she never taught anything well anyway, if you missed a note she would just get start crushing your self-esteem in front of the whole class. Needless to say, I dropped the violin😂

  5. You forgot the one that has you play, and then critiques it and demonstrates it better, and then you do it, and you two just keep going back and forth. (The good teacher)

  6. When he talked about plane landings I just thought Ryanair

    Because they are known to make their passengers act as shock absorbers.

  7. I had the frustrated teacher and almost cried the. He said I’m sorry then he continued then left for something then again came back then left then we got another teacher with another day too and she made me more happy to play violin and more inspired 🙂

  8. this made me realize that my band teacher always says ”iF yOu DoNt PractIcE iT wiLL taKE 3 dAys tO geT bACk to wheRe yoU arE”

  9. 5:21 this really triggers me lol I play bari saxophone ok and my teacher doesn’t know how to play woodwinds! Like are you kidding me he only play percussion he doesn’t even know how to flipping play our notes he is just like “you sure that’s right like idk but it don’t sound right” -_-I’m done with my teacher

  10. I’ve done 6 years of music school and all I can say is my clarinet teacher is a bit of all the types in this video, a little more from one, a little less from another.

    Except for #8 of course like wtf no teacher is like that

  11. G is the first letter of the word Gówno (pronounced: goov-nau, means: shit) in Polish and the letter is often used as an euphemism.
    Saying that the G symbolises someone's life gets some extra depth lmao

  12. My violin teacher was the angry one AND the philosophical one, and was always so angry that I wasn't interpreting the music well enough that she'd spend the entire hour playing it herself instead while I stood there awkwardly holding my violin and not knowing whether I should put my bow back on the table or not

  13. I recognize what Eddy was playing for CaTcH tHe BoW… it’s from Sevcik Opus 3, 40 variations
    It’s Variation 1
    Btw I’m a cellist

  14. dude the first 40 seconds was like holy shit real for me. My chorus teacher in the 8th grade was like this and was the reason I quit singing after years and years of dedication and practice. I understand that people are passionate about their crafts but the line between passion and abuse is really fine. Just saying that your acting during this was amazing. And for all you teachers of art, music or anything PLEASE for gods sake stop being assholes and bitches, mastery takes time and some people take longer than others and it does not make us worse than anyone else it just takes longer, and if you don't have the fucking patience to understand that not everyone is going to learn at the same speed then you should fucking quite your job and do something that is actually going to beneficial to you and others. These kind of teachers are worthless, and if your like this because that how you were taught then maybe you should try a different approach, if you hated it what makes you think others would like it. You would think that someone who is a teacher would have more common sense than this. Rants over, love your channel guys, keep up the awesome stuff.

  15. my one is the always frustrated.
    " why haven't you practised"
    "the finger isn't on the right curvature, it should be 2 times pi, not 35/ pi."
    "why didn't you bring your clarinet?"

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