$1 Vs $10,000 BACK TO SCHOOL ITEMS CHALLENGE!! Box Fort YouTube School Part 1: Fortnite, Toys  📦
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$1 Vs $10,000 BACK TO SCHOOL ITEMS CHALLENGE!! Box Fort YouTube School Part 1: Fortnite, Toys 📦

heyo let’s go down Papa Jake BAM Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and today guys it is a special day because it’s the first day of school that’s right school is back in session officially but we thought we’ve changed things up today we decided that we would go back to school in style with the $10,000 back to school versus a $1 back to school so Before we jump into going back to school and seeing all of our favorite characters I you know I cannot wait to see Miss McGillicuddy I can’t wait to learn some stuff today it is gonna be awesome as you guys can see I’m already dressed up I’ve got my backpack I’ve got all my school supplies ready to go back to school and of course guys if you want to continue this series like every series be sure to smack that like button down below as well as hit the subscribe button to Papa Jake family the latest family on YouTube and guys I think I need to cut this short because we are almost late for school we need to get back to school which meeting in here and Logan is uh he took he took the $1 out on this one he’s going $1 back to school I of course went the $10,000 back to school but Logan Logan dude you’re late we’re almost late for school what are you really what is this I mean I did do the $1.00 back to school challenge so I just got our Nintendo Leyva filled it up with some stuff and you’ve blown your back I know I’m good to go okay there’s a hole in your backpack that’s not how backpacks are supposed to work at but it works it holds my stuff and that’s all that matters guess it makes sense this is super easy like you don’t even have to zip up your bag you just kind of throw it in here exactly this is tape roll the tape I mean duct tape comes in handy Jake you can’t deny that well okay I got my Louis Vuitton backpack because I’m taking the $10,000 back to school seriously which means we’ve got all of my school supplies in here we’ll get to that a little bit later on but guess we are late we need to get to school late yesteryears so let’s head downstairs and go to our first class Jake yesteryear isn’t a thing all right okay come on we gotta go to school let’s go I’ve made it back to class dude this is just me or does this school look smaller yeah and like not is nice but could what we’re sitting on this there’s desks it’s like a pattern this is supposed to be a desk clearly ripped pieces of it we can you have a ripped pieces of your desk apart something’s gone on with this school this school is falling apart quite literally looks in the teachers not here yet take our first class is with wait I got my Apple watch part of the $10 dollar high school set up first class starts from this McGillicutty in five minutes look since we got a little bit of time well it’s a good thing I brought some fun stuff to play with let’s put this to the test I’ve got in my backpack my ten thousand dollars with the back-to-school gear and Logan Hess is one dollar let’s do a little comparison and see who really is the best well do you have one of these guys you gotta admit bobbles is a pretty cool guy bubbles is pretty cool let’s see what I’ve got in my backpack for fidget toys guys gobbles if you like bubbles oh that’s right oh drone yeah fidget spinners and your fidget cubes Pappa Jake’s got a full-on drone Jake that’s not a good idea drone in our classroom could get us expelled it’s the $10,000 back to school set up Vulcan Poppa Jake brings a full-on drunk for my fidget I put the drone sign all right you know maybe bubbles takes that one does your bag have a funky pair of glasses oh you really did go hard with this $1.00 thing god well of course Jake I take our challenge is very seriously ah you know what I don’t I don’t have that what I’ve got this it’s a stink ball this thing is stinky and you can stick anything perfect for pranking other classmates or even the teacher watch this sleep boy Jake I forgot to mention my glasses light up okay okay that’s pretty cool that they light up but check this out Logan I’ve got this a Nintendo switch with Fortnight loaded up on it that means we could be playing for tonight in the middle of class how cool is that unfortunately for me I think I lose in that department I don’t have anything welcome back to a brand new year yeah the prescription I need these to see the board that’s true miss macgillicuddy we were kind of wondering what what happened to this place it’s a lot smaller and it doesn’t look too great Wow the skull had some budget cuts after the last principal spent all the money on a war to fight robots or a war robot war either way I’m all that’s left what oh yeah I mean that makes sense did you say war with robots that’s that’s pretty cool how do we miss that it was what the kids call literation guess we should start getting into the curriculum it’s a first day back and today we’re going to be learning what the school calls the history of science math and Jim what that’s a real thing you can’t you can’t just combine all the courses can anyone tell me what the square root of nineteen forty two and three jumping jacks is is the answer three correct gold star for you okay all right I guess we’re learning this your eyes a lot to get through today she put that away in my place I was just taking notes he was taking notes and I I too was taking notes with this is a spray paint you have spray paint a ten thousand dollar thing I know I was played for a night that is unacceptable miss macgillicuddy will not accept you playing for 9:00 in my classroom how many wins do you even have like forty three in solo get out of my classroom right now both of you you’re with him too you are both expelled what you keep you can’t just you can’t just kick yourself like that Jake I told you this was gonna happen we’re expelled but expelled expelled uh-huh dude this is horrible the first day of school it’s the first class all right well mr. pack up our gear and leave well it was good while it lasted well I guess we got kicked out sorry about that guys I thought we’d have a lot longer of a school series for you I mean I was expecting to go all the classes everything but as you can see it doesn’t look like the school is in that great of condition anyway wait did you hear that yeah hello excuse this crap hello I know why don’t we just we just came from Normal School but what’s YouTube school it’s just not of that weight they have that a school just for youtubers that were youtubers that would be amazing yeah we’d love to go the door there’s no door there’s just a wall yeah gee I don’t know I don’t see it over there let’s go check it out okay there’s a way we get through this wall we could we could go to youtube school okay well try pushing it okay ah whoa Logan it’s moving dude cool this way let’s go Logan you have Oh guys that’s it this is crazy this is what I’m talking about this you cute wall dude this looks insane dude check it out dude we have to go here we have to go here this is amazing did it cut your class you just do throw me one check it out oh dude I don’t know YouTube feels pretty great I mean we’ve been here for almost an hour no dude it’s awesome please do not shoot mister do what who is that a lot welcome to youtube school your new home for becoming a top youtuber hi yeah yeah no we’re really excited to be here where do we go what’s our first class your first class will begin in five minutes youtube titles but mister delete I don’t class already I guess we have to have the title class not sure where the other students are yet but I guess we’ll find them as we go yeah alright come on guys let’s head there we don’t want to be late to this class and welcome to title making 101 now I am mr. teittleman and it probably wanted mr. teittleman why you wearing a chef’s son that’s a good question like preparing a masterpiece of food take for example I walked my dog but if we spice it up with I walked my dog through a volcano on three I’m challenged so you make your titles for your videos okay guys so update for you YouTube school is amazing this place is so cool I mean we just learn about titles we even have four night class a little bit later on and who can complain with all you can use nerf guns free snacks and I even got these cool YouTube slippers check it out how cool is that this is gonna be awesome and I even heard that our next class is gonna be for tonight Jake do you hear that kid he sounds like he’s crying wait you you’re right okay here’s one crying down the wall what’s going on maybe maybe we should go talk to him yes this is weird this is like the first other kid we’ve seen yeah we were why are you why are you in a wall okay that’s besides the point yet we just saw him over there he’s crying it’s going on Fox’s house again delete it but what it’s not gonna address it that’s nice sorting ceremony wait Holly sorting ceremony what’s that to be you’re gonna be okay yeah well we’ll definitely be there okay bye Olli guys that sounds a bit interesting apparently there’s a sorting ceremony that’s gonna tell us what kind of youtubers were gonna be I mean hopefully we get to be vloggers because if we were like a makeup channel that that that one make much sense more importantly what all he said is kids are losing their YouTube channels here at the school I mean this is a youtube school where you become a successful youtuber if if kids channels are being deleted that’s not good at all no all right well our next class is foreign I’m pretty stoked on that but tonight at the sorting ceremony hopefully we’ll get some answers and we can meet this professor Snopes I also want to figure out what else is going on at the school it’s a really cool school but there’s a mystery we have to solve pop Jake’s gotta get to the bottom

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  1. Teacher : how many kills do U have in fortnite? Papa jake : i have 43. Teacher : get out of my classroom

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