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【SUB】E03 烈火军校 Arsenal Military Academy | iQIYI

Arsenal Military Academy Episode 03 It’s not my room. You guys are bad. Why are you back so late? Is it cool? So cool. It’s better than carrying logs. Tomorrow, I’ll beat them all down. Tomorrow, I won’t be the last one back. Look at you. Look at you. I don’t want to take the bath anymore. Stand up. Let me help you. Come. Ms. Huo. Who are you? It’s me. It’s you. When did you come back? Not long ago. Where’s Xiaojun? I need to see her. Over there. I’ll go see her first and be back later. Xiaojun. Zhang, here you are. Who is it? You…why are you dressed like this? Why are you wearing sunglasses at night? I don’t want to be noticed. Is it safe these days? A few days ago, some punks stalked me. I almost got kidnapped. Stop it. You must be paranoid. I’m not. There are no punks here. Nobody knows you. Take your glasses off. Are you kidding? I’m a superstar. Everyone knows me. You don’t believe me? Come and have a look! Qu Manting is here! Qu Manting is here! Qu Manting? No one knows you. Ridiculous! Don’t people here read the news? Come on. People who come here to drink can barely read. Even if they could, they’d all read political news. Right now, who has time to read gossips? Give me some water. You’re a star. The north is unstable. Why didn’t you stay in Shanghai but came all the way to Shunyuan? I have work to do. My new movie will be filmed here. It won’t be filmed in Shanghai, but in Shunyuan? Mr. Shen invested it, right? No way. Why not? He’s helped you a lot. Don’t offend him. What has he done for me? I’m a star not a social girl. What’s the difference? You know what, you should just marry him. He’s rich and powerful. He’s more than capable to support you. It’s chaotic outside. Listen to me. It’s chaotic outside. It’s dangerous for you to strive alone. Enough. Stop it. My parents almost talked my ears off. Now you’re nagging me, too. Give me a break. Then go get married. Look, you won’t have another chance like this. Listen to me, Shen Tingbai can’t think straight, so he’s attracted to you. When he comes around one day, he’ll be attracted to another woman. I must thank her then. Goodness! He likes me so I must marry him? Tons of men also like me. Besides, I make a living on my own. My money is hard-earned. I can use it as I please. Why should I rely on him? Without him, you think you could sit here now? You would’ve been kidnapped at Paramo. How did you know that? I… I… That day, I… meant to introduce a friend to you so I was there. Why didn’t you help me? Stop blaming me. I was almost scared to death. How could I help you? I couldn’t beat him. Also, if I came to help you, -how could Mr. Shen… -Go away. play the hero? Why are you here today? Since you work here, you must’ve known people at the Academy. What’s wrong? You know, I investigated that bastard later on. He went to the Academy at night. You know how embarrassed I was that day? He spanked me! Why are you laughing? It’s embarrassing, OK? If he falls into my hands, I’ll gut him. You? I won’t do it myself. Just tell me when the school break is and when he’ll come home. Speaking of the Academy, I do know someone. You do? Really? Who is him? Do I know him? Is he a teacher or a student? You…you don’t need to know. I’ll help you ask around. What’s his name? Gu Yanzhen. You were in the well a whole day. You may catch a cold. I have medicine. Here. Don’t talk to me. I need to calm down. Whatever. Will you show up on time tomorrow? I’m talking to you. If you’re late again, we’ll both be in the water. We’ll see. My brain is a mess now. Lunatic. Like I want to talk to you. Morning. Hi, morning. See you in a bit. Gu Yanzhen. Wake up. Get up. Get up! It’s for your good. Are you crazy? Go away! Let go. Let go. Have you done? Say it! Excuse me. What now? Let go! You can’t go. You can’t. You can’t. Watch and learn. Stop. You don’t have something to do? Sir, let me go. Close your mouth. You’re not busy, are you? Sergeant Song. You have a visitor. OK. You two behave yourselves. Got it? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. What are you doing? Gu Yanzhen. Gu Yanzhen, I’ll kill you! I’m exhausted. I need to rest. Yeah. They’re arguing again. What’s happening? You’re welcome. Ignore them. They bicker every day. I’ll rip your head off, bastard! They’re fighting again? Yeah. Let go. They’re fighting again? Liangchen, can you stop fighting against Gu Yanzhen? You can’t beat him anyway. You always end up getting hurt. I don’t have a choice. He’s such a bully. Actually, I think he’s not that bad. Are you blind or what? He’s a thug. Alright. Enough of him. Our break is in two days. What’s your plan? I…I’m going to visit my friend. And you? I’m going to my sister’s. I see. You said your sister got married here. My sister and I, together with my brother, fled our hometown and came here. I joined the army. My sister got married. My brother is studying in town. He’s in middle school now. Really? That’s impressive. My brother is the smartest in my family. When I was young, my dad said he’d sell anything at home just so we could go to school. Winning a scholar title would bring honor to our family. Sadly, there are no such titles now. Your brother is in middle school. It’s as good as winning that title. What are you guys doing? You’re welcome. That course is surprisingly interesting. I’m surprised, too. Xiaojun. My friend is here. I gotta go. Bye-bye. Goodbye. Who is he? Xiang! It’s me! I miss you so much! Let’s go. Do you miss me? Of course I do. Who is he? Let’s go. How are you going? Is your training tough? Can you handle it? Who’s your roommate? Has he found out that you’re a girl? Don’t mention it. I don’t want to talk about him. What’s wrong? Did he bully you? We can talk about it later. Here’s the thing. I’ll stay at your place for a few days. It’s school break. My classmates have all gone home. I don’t want to be in the dorm alone. The thing is the fewer people know your secret, the safer you are. So I don’t even tell my parents. It’s not appropriate for you to go to my home as a boy. What should I do? I have an idea. Follow me. Mom. Mom, I’m back. Mom. Xie Xiang is here. Come here. I haven’t seen you for long. How are you? Are you in your break? You’re skinny and tanned. I had a lot of schoolwork to do so I lost some weight. You’re a girl. You should take good care of yourself. Why don’t you stay? I’ll cook some delicious food for you. By the way, how have your parents been? It’s been a long time since we last met. -Back then, we were… -Mom. Stop nagging, will you? Xie Xiang will be staying with us for a while. We’re eating out tonight. Why are you eating out? It’s expensive and unhealthy. I’ve prepared enough food. A friend invited us to dinner. Who is this friend? A boy or a girl? A girl. We’re leaving, mom. Let’s go. See you later. Let’s go. Come back early. My mom can’t stop nagging me. Moms are all the same. You’ve met my mom, too. Where are we going now? Over there. There’s a high-end restaurant. A high-end restaurant? Who’s paying? So generous. You don’t need to know. Just follow me. How are you, ladies? How many of you? Hello. Ms. Qu has reserved. This way, please. Thanks. Xiaojun, here. This way. Where are you going? You’re late for half an hour. Even famous directors won’t let me wait for long. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. Won’t you introduce us? This is my friend Xie Xiang. Xie Xiang, this is Qu Manting, the most famous star in Shanghai, also my bestie. Only in Shanghai? I’m famous all over the country. Xie Xiang, right? I’m Qu Manting. I’m easy to get along with. Just relax. Your friend seems nervous. Have a seat. Sit down. Sit. What’s wrong? Look how cocky she is. May I ask, have we met before? You seem familiar to me. Impossible. We’ve never met before. Really? Where are you from? Are you also a local? No. I’m from Peking. I’ve never come to Shunyuan before. Neither have I been to Shanghai. I am familiar with your face. But I can’t remember where we’ve met. Just let it go. Order some food now. I’m starving. Wait a minute. There’s another guest. Who is it? Who else could it be? Mr. Shen of course. He insisted on coming. Mr. Shen, this way, please. What’s up now? That’s my classmate. Hello. Manting, this is my brother Shen Junshan. He just came back from abroad. You were playmates when you were young. Do you remember? Shen Junshan. I remember. He used to follow you around with snot under his nose, looking goofy. You…you’ve changed dramatically. You’re like a whole new person. You’ve changed a lot, too. That night at Paramo, I didn’t even recognize you. Let go! Help me! Please help me! Help me! I remember it! Why didn’t you help me that day? You haven’t introduced her. Manting, why don’t you introduce us? She’s Xiaojun’s friend. She’s… She’s… I’m sorry. I don’t feel well. Please excuse me. I’ll go with her. Let’s order first. Here. Crap, crap, crap! Shen Junshan is my classmate. Did I seem odd just now? He must’ve recognized me. I don’t think so. Also, you’re wearing a dress and a wig. I don’t think he can recognize you easily. Hey you, why didn’t you tell me your celebrity friend would be here? We met once at Paramo. Last time, I didn’t get to introduce you two, so I accepted her invitation. So many things happened last time. She wouldn’t remember you. You don’t know. I met her in the ladies’ room before her show. She thought I was a pervert and beat me. You…you didn’t tell me. How would I know? I’m doomed. He must’ve recognized me. What should I do? Just chill. Don’t scare yourself. Calm down. How about this? You go home first. And I’ll go back to talk to them. Will it work? It should be OK. I’ll tell them you’re needed elsewhere. Then I’ll sound them out. I’m leaving then. Take a stroll along the street before you go back to my home. I’ll be back as soon as I’m done. Don’t be back too late. Don’t worry. Be careful. Stop the car. Young master, what’s wrong? Nothing. Let’s go. Here’s the noodles. Eat it while it’s warm. Eat. Come on. Smells good. So is Sheng Junshan really your classmate? He is. You’re so lucky. Shen Junshan is well-educated and handsome. I heard he came back from abroad. If I could see him every day, I’d be willing to be a man or a corpse if I had to. Enough. I was almost scared to death. Luckily, they didn’t recognize me. Relax. I’ve observed them for you. Your secret is safe. You should see his stern face. What is he like? Is he super elegant and attractive? A real gentleman? You’re helpless! Tell me about it. Stop eating. He’s good-looking. What does his family do? His family seems powerful. Rich and powerful. Shen is a household name. Shen Tingbai is the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. In Shunyuan, he’s influential and well connected. The Shens and the Qus have been friends for long. Mr. Shen’s loved Qu Manting since he was young. Well, I don’t get to see him too often. Xiang, I know from my dad the news these days are all about battles all over the country and casualties. It’s scary. You’re a student at the Military Academy. Will you be sent to the battlefield someday? Aren’t you afraid as a girl? If your brother were still alive, he wouldn’t want to see you like this. What are you doing? Someone sent us to teach you a lesson. Someone sent you. How much did they pay you? I’m rich. I can pay you more. Sorry, sir. I can’t do this. We have rules. I’m afraid I can’t help you today. Do it. Wait, wait a second. Before you hit me, can… can you at least tell me who I offended so that I could rest in peace? The one you offended is a powerful figure. Shut up. What’s wrong with you? How many times have I told you not to reveal my identity? Don’t you know the rules? You don’t need to ask them. I sent them here. You humiliated me that day. You should’ve seen this coming. Had I known it was you, I wouldn’t have struggled so hard. What do you mean? Do it. Run! Hey pretty, don’t you know it’s dangerous for a girl to hang out with three punks in the street at night? Why are you so close to me? Get away from me. Aren’t you trying to teach me a lesson? I’m right here. Go ahead. Why don’t we call it a day? Let’s meet some other day. OK. Sure. Some other day? If I let you go, what will others think of me? Then what do you want? How about this? Let bygones be bygones. And now, you give yourself to me. What are you doing? Don’t do anything stupid. Does this count? Stop right there! Stop! Hey you, I…I swear I’ll kill you someday! Gu Yanzhen. Where did you go? Who’s in the dorm? Zhu Yanlin. Ask him to come. OK. Yanzhen. I have heard you have wine. Put it down. Need one more bowl. Go get one. I have one. I’ll go. I have one, too. Hurry up. I’m starving. Sergeant Guo. What are you doing? I’m hungry so I’m eating. Well, I happen to pass by to get some water. Give me some. It’s cold. I like cold water. Pour it. What’s wrong? Don’t you know drinking is prohibited at here? I don’t know. I won’t do it next time. Next time? There’s a next time? You’ll be cleaning the toilet for a month. It’s… Sergeant Guo. The kettles… Sergeant Guo. Come. You and Gu Yanzhen will receive the same punishment. Sir, what did I do? A bunch of brats. What luck! Liangchen. Liangchen. I want to die! What’s wrong with him? Liangchen. What’s up? Are you done? Then get out! I need to clean the toilet. Go ahead. I won’t disturb you. Right. So strange. What’s wrong with him? Gu Yanzhen, why aren’t you cleaning the toilet? Why should I do that? Why should you? Sergeant Guo punished you not me. You got me into this. I’m involved in by others, too. Fine. I’ll stop, too. Tomorrow, let’s take the bath together. I have an idea. Come with me. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. It’s your fault. Your idea sucks. You didn’t check it. Why are you blaming me? How could I? Shut up. Still hold it. Sir, is there anything left? There’s only soup. Nothing else? None. I’m full. There’s still a big one left. No food again. Hey, what’s up? You didn’t eat? Wait a minute. No, thanks. I’m not too hungry. It’s OK. It’s about to expire. Take it with medicine so you won’t have a diarrhea. Thank you. I’m leaving. Liangchen. I knew you must be here. You didn’t eat, did you? I have some food in the dorm. Go with me. No, thanks. I just ate. What did you eat? Biscuits. Give me one. I can’t. It’s expired. You may have a diarrhea. It looks OK. Sit. OK. Thanks. Impressive! Good job! Well done! That’s amazing. What are you doing? Liangchen. Liangchen. What are you guys doing? Xie Liangchen. Are you alright? Gu Yanzhen, bring him to the health centre. Me? Why should I do it? Are you refusing? Let’s go. I can go there myself. Come on. Let’s go. Come. How did you get hurt? I was hit by a wood chopper during training. Does it hurt? Yeah. Take off your clothes. Let me see your wound. Sir, may I keep my clothes on? Why? I’m not used to undressing in front of others. For a young man like you, you’re quite shy. With your clothes on, how can I check your wound? What if your bones are hurt? My bones are fine. It’s just a small bruise. Can you give me some gauze, iodine and medicine? I can take care of my own wound. Your wound needs to be washed and disinfected first. Hurry up. Where are you going? Are you crazy? How about this? You take this back and help him disinfect the wound before dressing it. If he’s in pain or he has other symptoms, bring him to me. Can’t you knock? Are you crazy? Why did you come back? None of your business. Like I care. Do you need my help? Nope. Suit yourself. Xie Liangchen, are you a girl?

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