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✯ Back to school supplies haul ✯

okay before I start the video i have to say thank you for over 10k subscribers I think it’s already over 12k subs also thank you so much for your feedback under all of my videos it makes me so happy to see how much you like my videos yeah of course that’s my biggest motivation and now let’s start the video hey guys and welcome to my back to school haul 2019 same as last year I’m doing a back to school haul this will be my last real back to school haul because I start my last year of school now and then I graduate so yeah that’s really the last time these also were my last summer holidays I’m not really sure about what to do after school that’s why I bought extremely cute school supplies I’m trying every year to find cute school stuff bc I think it’s much more fun to go back to school when u have cute school stuff so I’m gonna show them to you right now I won’t do it like separated in brands but I’ll do it like separated in categories of the things I’ll start with folders I only got two folders one bigger one I’m gonna keep it at home I’ll put my old school stuff in there and then also I got a smaller one I’m gonna put important school stuff in there both folders are from Hema I’ll continue the haul with notebooks first I got this one from Hema the set contains three turquoise notebooks I think they are so pretty and then also I got this grey one so now I’ll show you some small note books I think I bought way too many first I got these two from sostrene grenes they are in pastel colors in spain I got this notebook its from mr wonderful I think it’s a Spanish brand I’ll just write some lists in there and I got another notebook at hema I really like the design I’ve just been in the city and I got two more notebooks yeah I might have too many notebooks look how cute the bag looks I just had to buy them, they’re just so cute live unboxing so the first one has a mermaid print on it and the second one has waves on it they just look so cute let’s continue with pencils first I got this set at Hema I really recommend Hema because its so cheap but the stuff is still so cute yeh so first I got this set it contains three pencils, a ruler and a rubber then I also got this set of pencils with many white pencils it was only 1$ I think that’s a really good price for so many pencils also I got two pens at sostrene grenes also I got scissors at this store I think its so cute and it was only 97 cents then I got another rubber at sostrene grenes I think the design is so cute then I got highlighters you might now them they are with pastel colors then I got some more pencils pilot pen sent me a whole set of pencils thank you so much they have so many pretty pencils I know these pens for so long it’s just so cool that you can erase them so lets start with the ‘bigger stuff’ first I got this cute bottle and a matching box I think they are so pretty now I finally have a pretty box and bottle I this cute boutique I also got a pencil case I think its so so pretty it’s also with pastel colours the brand is called wouf i also have another pencil case from their brand but my pen leaked I absolutely love this design I think its so cute now I’m going to show you the last item it’s a school planner I just love pretty planners i also like to scrapbook in my planners so I got a really pretty planner at idee. i chose this design with flowers on it it’s also really pretty on the inside I hope you liked the video that was it for todays video I’m kinda sad it’s my last school year see u in my next video

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