☛ Gandalf’s Surprise High School Visit (Original)
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☛ Gandalf’s Surprise High School Visit (Original)

If you don’t study for the examinations, if
you don’t do your revision, you know what’s going to happen? YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

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38 thoughts on “☛ Gandalf’s Surprise High School Visit (Original)

  1. If this was my school only about 30 kids would laugh and the rest would look at him like, "why is some old dude telling us we won't pass."

  2. I highly recommend watching The Lord of The Rings trilogy.. unless this comment was sarcastic in good fun then, bravo. 🙂

  3. He will have to do that every time he leaves his house from now on, he's a cool guy though and he's spreading a good message to youngsters.

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