Учеба в языковой школе – как это?
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Учеба в языковой школе – как это?

but you get a person tell you he loved go Steve at noisiest Kovalchuk all EF together now at six days Cambridge MIT Sandra Bullock Roscoe’s Nashville butcher fresh college new tree at which new Cove atresia Kotori Tamra boat it was moderate Samuel Cox’s throw and he promoted the arrogance of a tedious need [Music] to build yes please kill put a good shot so please nothing yes mr. Murata atmosphere in mechanics is doable but moose is homogeneous personal comments leave me completely post leave me Heritage holiest and I am booster me of Caligula class macaques are still super young Bria McKinney self key to the keemstar photo reason it is comida y tu sniper that was amazingly do that one Decatur Subaru ski no bolt release video so acute angle is from is the case you may choose to this bear super confident of roster crucially subtitle if selfishly the attention of store of a scholar and heal our lovely spoon as you can see is me [Music] yeah [Music] and anybody want you know us haha all the hotelling’s of course pack and can be bought the sandwiches customer gets funny at the hot food because what it meant [Music] yeah [Music] but both Kotori akshatha chic Amish colleges which is the premier not rista oceanic officer a Kapiti rosin strong unity for that was no coochie Cody attrition attitude thought was et/pt no yeasty yeasty right the composure you saw a bit this out even a moment executive school tombola very bad cut rhythm which is is receive an initiative shots in a camera now it moves with some a statistic understand where the don’t dive she would watch instead of salt was nibbled problems team stop Abbruzzese Bangladesh News Akabusi to do innovative post material my you this year to celebrate the mystery excellent some of your favorite things about studying here in how do you kill your purpose has been like to show a lot of improvement English my friend here like watching you at home like no I can explain essential because it’s like more level you go to a higher one it’s it’s like stupid wait if you read each other’s really good maybe when you go back Jesus by what were your living conditions like they like we do it for the family or in a resident I so good because and with seven Steve is Marshall is so funny I’m most of us are afraid so I live in distance mm-hmm and I’m gonna like because it’s like five minutes from here I have a lot of freedom so we don’t have to be like I’m home at six because we’re dinner family and missing prelim us the residence and I can just I believe we got Hong Kong students and it’s absolutely amazing new culture just what what are you going to do for dinner but what’s that a new dish oh cool can I test it test the newly got it what do you do in your free time I hope you have time in Cambridge or go around one day really there’s a lot of things if you could give one piece of advice to some from your country considering coming to to say if Cambridge what would that be and I just be open to new things to say obviously as you know because for example here so friends are always asking which one do you want they want to try these years of course when you experience something that never gonna happen in your country like this is amazing wouldn’t do something just try it if you like I’m in a class of Performing Arts and never usually do like acting or anything so it’s really cool to like try things that you is that way students take Attila piccoli if you chose new militant brossentia concepts that are robotoid natalka and roshaniya not absolute is really the substitute ocean class Neuticles narodna Prospero a usual top Amenia several eyes is to trim Arab I think I wish College stop abortions nice bra administrative nasty excellent profit or super high tech school [Music] how do you get into this do you have any entry requirements like was the procedure so it basically depends on the country you’re from [Music] three and there would make you a quote based on thank you like to experience here cost if you like that general English course is 26 hours per week and every lesson is 40 minutes or there’s intensive course which you yeah yeah what is your general approach that teaching do portfolio specific approaches specifics a curriculum antigens are all at a window 11 teacher gratification that is different okay in normal English nationalities and different books and materials down late for we materials but the time to put it all the way depending on the student level likes to do and our people grouped into classes according to their abilities or it’s according to day level so the first day to come here that we have a placement test uh-huh and as we can assessment we’re all living things differently in class by level and every five weeks we have their own progress test also proposed in terms of living conditions what absolutely I have for your students so in terms of accommodation we have residents achievement residents that we have is really closes this violence walk away from here if you’re not going to residents that you know to Jose it varies we have some homestay provides a little clean and around the corner and some 40 minutes away but what we find is the best of our community live outside of Cambridge you know in the villages we have more cultural experience and it varies we have the entire host family to some you are and some of you are from different backgrounds but generally speaking they all speak English very well well how long students usually stay here generally speaking it it can be from one week hello my name is Sarah I’m here to see my major here at Cambridge oh yeah and I’m hoping students they’ll study 24/7 so what what did they do but they don’t study so we offer a activities calendar like went too far and we’re going for Christmas shopping in London and so every month we create a calendar of activities with everything from in school clubs [Music] that’s the makeup club as well weekend trips to London to Oxford to Brighton we also do overnight trips to Edinburgh places in Europe so Amsterdam to Paris and we try and keep with the grain Jersey we have students who are on a team we also have students who are 50 and 60 what is your favorite thank you lately organized for the students in on a large scale we did a weekend trip to Manchester in Liverpool which is pretty amazing on a smaller scale I think these fans will agree that Halloween was pretty amazing we we had a photo booth where the students could dress up and take photos we had a costume competition the academic department organized their classes made films and then kind of Oscars ceremony over school film so it’s a way of showing the department’s work together one piece of advice for someone coming to study to EF Cambridge do you speak English if there is there is nothing worse in coming here getting into a group of people to speak your language and then leaving feeling like you chief anything whereas whether you’re staying for two weeks or nine months the third kind of students face when they receive a certificate at the end and they’ve seen their progression from like here to here he’s a million it’s amazing for us but it’s obviously even more amazing for them and they’ve done that by speaking English every day and doing their best to paint great yeah speak English and thank you very much they mostly besid I drool a little cold Emily’s in the answer got an A+ PT I believe Siva stopwatch was not at all cogs to the indicator hydrogen every Indian see are in the area inside troubles good yeah and you just share the kitchen let’s go have a look together yet welcome thank you hahaha so that’s one classic do they also come with plate and not okay research methods the perfect okay I got this thing pretty much the same you ain’t got lovely yeah and the same yeah I’m gonna have to pay rent or is it covered by tuition or for the residents yeah yes that’s thus when you go and ask for a quote Oh accommodation part so if either you decide for site or for residence mm-hmm vengeance is different and which one is more expensive this one yeah possible shall be penetrating sarcophagi administered is awesome positive next Linea average quality services 50 the processor which index called EF configured now with the Cambridge scales of the bowler option the austerity of commander if you have a true attack nice a witness sir the celeries

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26 thoughts on “Учеба в языковой школе – как это?

  1. Школа-мечта! И лучший совет: "Говори на английском". Очень правильная мысль. Сколько замечала, что люди, приезжая в чужую страну с целью выучить язык, пытаются найти своих соотечественников и продолжают вариться в одной и той же атмосфере.

  2. Могли бы выбрать пустую комнату для демонстрации, я бы не хотела, чтобы в мое отсутствие врывались в помещение и снимали мои вещи…

  3. Охх, Большой спасибо, Ксения. Я всегда захотел знать об этот. Та школа——-невероятная!

  4. Захотелось сесть в самолёт и сесть рядом с ними за стол!
    Жаль нет бесплатного обучения ✊
    Ну ничего, вся жизнь впереди.
    Заработаю 🙏

  5. Хорошее видео получилось!) Хотела бы я посмотреть такое, когда планировала свою поездку в языковую школу на Мальте) Пожалуй это правда, что самое интересное в языковой школе-это общение с ребятами из других стран! Я с таким теплом вспоминаю своих одноклассников, хотя провела с ними всего 2 недели 🙂

  6. Юля классно по-русски говорит!)) сложный и связный текст, минимальный акцент, правильная смысловая расстановка пауз/акцентов в предложении. Супер)

  7. Была поражена, как хорошо Юлия говорит на русском. Русский как второй язык очень сложен для изучения, намного сложнее английского. Юлия, вы проделали огромную работу! Я общалась с иностранцами, которые давно живут в России и у них у всех до сих пор сильный акцент, но у вас очень чистая речь, это потрясающе!

  8. училась в разных языковых школах по разным языкам, и это абсолютно всегда был крутой опыт, без единого исключения. именно из-за комплексности: люди и тусовка + учеба + проживание в среде.

  9. Спасибо за видео! Я когда-то давно работала в языковой школе (когда жила в Истборне), там не было таких классных помещений :((( Они просто в частной школе классы снимали.

  10. Ксюша, извините Пжст за мой нескромный коммент 😊😊 Мне кажется, что Вы беременны😊

  11. Юля говорит по-русски так прекрасно, потрясающе)
    Ксения, спасибо за видео♥

  12. Ксюша, привет! Спасибо тебе за твои видео! Они всегда информативные и интересные! Могла бы ты раскрыть тему – в каких конференциях стоит участвовать, а в каких нет. В частности если дальнейшая цель – поступление на phd зарубеж. То есть какие можно использовать критерии для поиска действительно стоящей конференции:)

  13. Спасибо за это видео. С какого уровня можно ехать на обучение? Допустим я что то и могу понять, но кроме как "привет" вряд ли смогу сказать. И боюсь, что не пойму преподавателей, а они меня. Спасибо.

  14. Можно ли пойти после бакалавратуры в магистратуру? Или как оно вообще устроено?

  15. Здравствуйте Ксеня. Я тоже мечтаю учиться в Оксфорд. Вы бы не могли записать видео про ценах обучения там. Огромное вам спасибо ❤❤

  16. Ксения, обожаю вас и ваши видео! Спасибо за то, что вы есть! Не воспримите за критику, но видео было бы лучше при улучшенном звуке. У вас такой хороший канал, не скупитесь на технику. Ребят было очень плохо слышно. Auto generated subtitles генерировали ерунду. Жаль, ведь тема очень и очень интересная! Удачи вам! Люблю вас!

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