Как организовать РАБОЧИЙ СТОЛ школьника. Организация хранения канцелярии и школьных принадлежностей.
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Как организовать РАБОЧИЙ СТОЛ школьника. Организация хранения канцелярии и школьных принадлежностей.

Hello! The new school year starts very soon, so I
started to organize the workplace of my student. Join us! We have
at the most ordinary, old desk with drawers. Here we have
the deepest and most problematic drawer: if you put everything here in a stack,
then the mess is provided already through week. So we divide it: clean
notebooks stand upright between them cardboard delimiter which
visually divides them into two categories: one side for the cell notebooks
and on the other in the line. And here I glued reminder so now
it is clear on which side which notebooks are. Also the delimiter will immediately
make noticeable when there are no notebooks left. A4 format doesn`t fits here, so I organized here two-floors storage with
stationery trays. Downside we have rarely used folders and
files, spare covers, upsidewe have everything we need often. Also these
trays are an excellent support. Here everything is laid out by
categories and signed, Also in these folders or the bags are very comfortable to carry to school brushes, boards for
plasticine, palettes, all what can stain or wet things in a backpack. In the next drawer there are a different office stuff.
To avoid everything nothing mixes up, I`ve done made dividers with bottom and pasted them
self-adhesive. It turned out to be very convenient to keep things on white background. there is a video on my channel, which are about
how to make whose dividers. I`ll leave a link below. Here everything for writing and drawing is grouped into plastic easily washable organizers For the conveniences paints are in one container with brushes and jars pencils you can immediately sharpen over a container. one box is reserved for personal items
which do not particularly concern the school. Now I need completely free the work surface. leaving the most commonly used things close. For this we
bought at a construction supermarket finished shelf, brackets, and installed it
exactly at the height which would be Comfortable for the kid.
Now the surface is free and the things that stood above him
moved to the shelf. In a glass cost of living, textbooks are
in transparent trays to notice everything easily. Workbooks stay inside textbook. it is very convenient: opened and immediately got on
desired page. Then you don`t need any bookmarks. Textbooks for those subjects
which are not repeated during the week, are kept in a bookcase, the rest also
we will send there for the holidays. Flexible table lamp is very convenient, because it doesn’t fall This table also has a retractable
shelf. Once there was a keyboard, and Now this is a great place to
hide unnecessary pieces of paper. I’ll just put it here a napkin box where you can
tamp paper and sawdust. And I set
tray for english. They have a whole A lot of of books and notebooks, and, I think, child
will put them right in that bag which carries to school. Tray and box can be
fixed with double-sided tape For a backpack to
mark him a place we screwed a hook on the side of the table on such
height so that he still rests on the floor, but also, at the same time, did not fall. For
timetables and reminders we took boards for drawing with a dry erase marker and
chalk. Here I will make up checklists for the child to keep his things
and the table is clean and tidy by yourself. You have to organize
the desk with the child, and check: does he reach
all drawers and shelves without getting up from chair,
can he turn on the lamp, is everything he need is at hand because,
if he has to get up and go somewhere, on the road there will be a lot of
interesting things and doing homework will be postponed. But if you
organize the desk conveniently, you can save his and
yours time and nerves. Thanks for watching, see you in next video.

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100 thoughts on “Как организовать РАБОЧИЙ СТОЛ школьника. Организация хранения канцелярии и школьных принадлежностей.

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    Вы мне всегда очень напоминаете Хлою из сериала "Тайны Смолвиля")))))

  5. У Вас талант систематизировать и удобно организовать пространство вокруг ) восхищаюсь Вами

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  7. Если бы можно было поставить 1000 лайков, я бы поставила!!!

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    Кстати, купила несколько контейнеров после вашего видео по организации игрушек- вуаля… нет разбросанных игрушек.

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    Лампа очень слабая для школьника.

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  62. Здорово. А ещё на стол можно положить стекло в размер стола и закрепить с одной стороны, и под стекло можно что-то подкладывать, например расписание, таблицы. Это если на стену нет возможности что-то прикрепить. Но в тоже время это отвлекать может школьника.

  63. Благодаря Вам у меня порядок и в доме и в голове ))) Очень бы хотелось мастер класс по организации вещей в машине 😉

  64. Спасибо. Взяла себе на вооружение несколько идей.

  65. Как здорово!) Столько заботы во всей этой организации! Спасибо, многое взяла на заметку!

  66. уважаемая Нина,здравствуйте,очень люблю ваш канал и с нетерпением жду очередного выпуска,пожалуйста,снимите видео об организации рабочего места рукодельницы и идеи хранения всяких рукодельных мелочей.спасибо заранее

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